What are the top paying jobs in Denver, Colorado? The jobs that pay the most include positions in healthcare, entertainment, finance, transportation, and technology.

Because the city has a high number of federal, state, county, and city jobs, there is far less unemployment than in other cities.

Denver jobs are led by the area’s largest employer—the federal government. More than 35,100 people work for Uncle Sam in the Mile High City. Recent federal jobs posted online for Denver include a position as a technology specialist for the Department of Treasury, positions as an administrative officer and a communications specialist for the Office of Veterans Affairs, and positions as a product safety inspector. People also work for the Department of Homeland Security in Denver. Naturally, federal jobs usually pay well.

A lot of jobs in Denver are held by those working for the state of Colorado, which is the city’s second largest employer. More than 33,000 people work in Denver for the state. A lot of state government jobs are in downtown Denver. Most pay well.

The third largest employer in Denver is the University of Colorado system. More than 33,000 people work for the University of Colorado Medical Campus, the University of Colorado, and the University of Colorado Hospital. The university itself has more than 56,000 students. Healthcare jobs are among the highest paying in the state. Salaries for different kinds of professors range from $43,000 to $110,000.

Among the top paying jobs in Denver are positions for the United States Post Office, the seventh biggest employer in the city, with 11,000 employees.

The eighth biggest employer, HealthOne Healthcare has nine hospitals, 13 outpatient surgical centers, medical and air transportation, 30 clinics, and more than 9,000 employees. Some hospitals are convenient for those in downtown Denver.

Other top jobs in Denver include positions for Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest defense supplier and the Mile High City’s tenth largest employer, with more than 8,200 employees.

Other employers providing a lot of Denver jobs include a number of school systems. The other employers listed on the top ten list of employers are various school districts.