Denver is known for its beautiful scenery and nature as it's situated in the midst of the Rocky Mountains. There are plenty of picturesque parks with beautiful green spaces, but, we've compiled a list of the best parks in Denver that are definitely worth a visit.

Confluence Park

Where the Cherry Creek and South Platte Rivers meet, Confluence Park sits, adding a little bit of nature to the middle of the city. Watch kayakers and canoers brave the rivers’ rapids from the pedestrian bridge. This is an easy, relaxing stop that is a must while spending time in Denver, so make sure to check it out.

Ruby Hill Park

For the more adventuresome folks, head to Ruby Hill Park. In the summer, the park features courses for bikers and skateboarders. In the winter, it turns into your ideal snowboard park. This park epitomizes the uniqueness of Denver because here you'll find a snowboard course in the middle of the city.

Babi Yar Park

History buffs will appreciate Babi Yar Memorial Park as it commemorates the victims of the 1941-1943 Nazi massacre of Ukrainian Jews in Kiev. The park is laid out to resemble the Star of David, featuring open green space and a grove of trees. It’s the perfect place for some peace and quiet to remember those who lost their lives unnecessarily many years ago.

Alamo Placita Park

For a more colorful view, check out Alamo Placita Park. In the summer, flowers fill the park, creating a beautiful, peaceful walk through the city. Surrounding the park are adorable houses that are as equally calming to stroll by. The park also has a playground, picnic tables, and a basketball court, so you can definitely find a way to pass the time here.

Inspiration Point Park

Located above the expansive city, Inspiration Point Park boasts some of the best views of the Denver skyline. You can choose to either sit back and enjoy the view or scale some of the park’s hiking and cycling trails. The best time to head here is during sunrise or sunset when the sky color explodes behind the skyline of the city, creating a view that can't be recreated no matter how hard you try.

Little Cheeseman

One of the most historic landmarks in the city, Little Cheesman Park was once a cemetery but was then converted into a park in the late 1800s. The park is now inhabitted ghosts if you believe in the supernatural, but even if you don't, it's still a beautiful piece of land to escape the city life amongst the numerous trees scattered through the park.

Washington Park Denver

In between the park’s two lakes, flower beds line the pathways for you to take a stroll through this beautiful park. This is a great place for you to take your dogs for their daily walk or go paddle boarding on either of the lakes. This absolutely scenic piece of land is the perfect place to take a break from the bustling city.

City Park, Denver

The biggest of all of the parks, City Park offers a wide range of activities, so you'll never get bored. In fact, the Denver Zoo is located in the park itself along with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. In addition to these main attractions, there are tennis courts, multiple sports fields, picnic sites, and playgrounds. Whatever you could possibly want in a park, you'll find it here, so it’s definitely one of the best parks in Denver.

Sloan Lake

Sloan Lake is the largest lake in all of Denver, and the surrounding park is the second-largest park in the city. It’s definitely the place for you if you want a location to view the sunset with the Rocky Mountains peaking up behind the lake. On top of these irreplaceable views, you can spend your time hiking, boating, fishing, or playing on any of the courts or fields that the park features.

The best parks in Denver offer a variety of views and activities, ensuring you'll find the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors here.

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Cover photo courtesy of Flickr