For you to experience all the things to do in Denver, you will need a travel guide. The Mile High City offers everything from fine restaurants and nightlife to recreational activities for the entire family. You will probably need to rise early to get a head start on your daily itinerary. Our guide will help you get started on finding things to do in Denver.

Things to do in Downtown Denver
Downtown Denver is the place to be for shopping, history and art. This busy district is popular for presenting the best entertainments and events in Denver, including a thriving art community of galleries, performing arts and museums.

Lower Downtown or "LoDo" for the locals, is one section of Denver you cannot miss. Guided tours, shopping and dining are all included in LoDo things to do. If you enjoy hot nightlife, check out the most stylish clubs and restaurants in LoDo. Going to the 5 Degrees Nightclub is a must. This hopping place is also home to the Amuse restaurant where fine drinks and dining go hand in hand.

Things to do in Capitol Hill
After exploring Downtown Denver and LoDo things to do, make a stop at the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Be sure to visit the state capitol, historical mansions and the Civic Center Park. Afterward, grab a quick bite to eat or drink at the Penn Street Perk, the favorite coffee shop in the district.

Things to do in Golden Triangle
The Golden Triangle neighborhood boasts some of the finest art and cultural events in Denver. Just minutes from Downtown Denver is where you will find this destination. Live music, museums, galleries and a large number of restaurants are top attractions. The Denver Art Museum is located in the Golden Triangle.

Things to do in Colorado Springs and Beyond
Experience more recreational activities when you travel to Denver by visiting nearby cities and state parks. Take a day trip to Colorado Springs or the Rocky Mountains State Park and enjoy whitewater rafting, horseback riding and mountain bike riding.